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This is the actual time spent with you the client in a photo shoot.  It does include time to adjust the lighting and camera setting for the scene in order to achieve the best final results.  Outfit changes and traveling between locations are part of the session.   Sessions are priced per hour with a minimum of 2 hours for any session.   

RATE:  $95/hour


I'm always asked how many outfit changes can one bring?  This is simple, as many as you feel you need to be happy with the final results.  My recommendation is if you need a few changes, keep in mind it takes up your photo session.   Another consideration is that you want to minimize the amount of pattern in your outfits so that the attention is directed to you and not your outfit.  


A makeup artist can be provided should you need to consider it.  This needs to be schedule in advance so enough time can be given to secure an artist on your shoot date.  

RATE:  $45 


Post editing is almost required in your final picks.  Although every effort is made to minimize the need for editing, invariably there are minor issues that benefit from touch ups.  This could be anything from a facial blemish, to uneven skin tone or general image fixes like exposure and cropping.  From your photo session the images will be posted into your folder on the website under clients, you get to pick your preferred images for editing, depending on how many was included in your package (normally around 6 images), these will be edited.  

RATE:  $45/hour (minimum of 1 hour) 


All images will be held from your photo session in your own folder on the website for a period of one year.  It will be password protected so only you and whoever you choose to have access. 

RATE:  $10 (required with every photo session) 


Depending on location distance from Solon, OH there will be a charge travel time.  

RATE:  $50 - $100 (depending on distance)

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